I am a creative and technical product leader who loves mixing models and metaphors from a wide set of interests to surface new meaning within digital experiences.

I combine a curious mind and diverse background to lead teams in delivering interesting, nuanced and crafted solutions. I've done this across startups, agencies and established corporations and across mobile, web and desktop platforms.

My quick learning and ability to frame problems allows me to guide teams in collaborative solution finding with increased clarity. This ensures teams achieve higher differentiated value and more refined experiences.

My colleagues rely on me to provide unique perspectives. I do this by being a patient listener and focusing teams on the best ideas regardless of source. I engage my colleagues across disciplines, guaranteeing we envision future spaces that have business value and are achievable given engineering and delivery constraints.

I lead my experience teams with precision and inspiration. I position people to maximize their strengths so they collectively deliver superior designs. I also happily jump in on the work, helping my teams grow by sharing my talent, experiences and insights. In this way, I amplify the output of my teams.

Importantly, I do all the above with a deep optimism for how design can change outcomes. My direct reports and peers cite me as a genuine and warm person. This positive attitude allows me to cut through organizational boundaries, identify conflicting views and advocate for more encompassing participation by the entire business in a given solution.

Thoughts on Design
The word design acts as both verb and noun; the process of creation and the outputs that represent those creative acts.

As process, it explores problem spaces and iterates solutions, seeking to understand and to innovate in service of humans. As an act of artifact making, it fuses tools and techniques to express these solutions as delightful, crafted experiences.

The two aspects are not linear. Exploration often requires interim expression that fuels further exploration. This interplay gives design its tempo and its rhythm.

This portfolio contains selected projects on which I’ve led or collaborated that illustrate this balance between imagining and creating.
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